What is the Changemaker Program?

Using Tourism dollars to empower local people to deliver local solutions for local problems

AdventureHoney has partnered with Spark (www.sparkinternational.org.au) to establish the Changemaker Program. AdventureHoney invests 25% of proceeds into the Changemaker Program. The result: empowered local Changemakers in some of the poorest places on the planet. These local Changemakers are the people capable of not only making a better life for themselves, but for their entire community. These are the people who can change the world and end extreme poverty.

Together, we can make it happen!

How does it work?

Three Step Process:

  • Find: Identify local Changemakers from across the host country (eg. Kenya) with a four day live-in Summit. The summit objective is to turn emerging leaders with great potential into high impact Social Entrepreneurs capable of leading significant poverty reduction in their communities.
  • Suppot & Accelerate: The Changemakers stay connected in the host country with each other, engage with high impact social entrepreneurs in the country and continue to refine their projects for poverty reduction with the Spark International Team.
  • Fund: Changemakers can access funding to turn their poverty reduction ideas into reality, or expand the impact of existing poverty reduction ideas.
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