How does AdventureHoney work?

AdventureHoney is a place for Adventure Hunters and Advneture Operators to connect online. Our experiences are curated by real people. What’s more, every time you book with AdventureHoney you support our Thai Changemaker Program, leveraging tourism to make the world a better place!

The process is pretty simple...

Search, book, connect, go!

More info, click here: How It Works

Who’s the team behind the business?

The founding team behind AdventureHoney have a combined wealth of experience in tourism and start-up business.

More info, click here: About Us

In which countries does AdventureHoney offer experiences?

In Thailand only, for now.

We encourage you to upload experiences from other destinations around the world. But we will only activate those experiences and country once we have enough adventure experiences in that particular country.

What is the Changemaker Program?

Using Tourism dollars to empower local people to deliver local solutions for local problems

AdventureHoney has partnered with Spark* (www.spark.org.au) to establish the Changemaker Program. AdventureHoney invests 25% of proceeds from every deposit into the Changemaker Program. The result: empowered local Changemakers in some of the poorest places on the planet. These local Changemakers are the people capable of not only making a better life for themselves, but for the entire community.

More info, click here: Changemaker Program

Benefits for Tour & Activity Operators?

  • Online visibility. If your product isn't available online, you’re missing a big part of your market.
  • No technology required. You need no sophisticated booking engine to play with AdventureHoney. You can take bookings by email or mobile phone – no internet access necessary.
  • Free to list. You only pay a commission when successfully connected to customer and have cash in hand.
  • Make money. Connect direct to customers.
  • Support socially and environmentally positive tourism.

How do I log onto the site?

You must have a Facebook account to log onto the site. Click ‘login’ in the top right-hand corner of the website. You can only add new experiences/edit existing experiences when logged in.

How much does it cost to list on AdventureHoney?

It’s free to list!

What type of operator/experience is wanted?

AdventureHoney members decide which operators and which experiences go on the website. However, all content requires AdventureHoney and operator approval before it goes live on the website.

AdventureHoney prefers:

  • Authentic and adventurous experiences
  • An operation offering an experience that is in tune with people and place – environmentally and socially sustainable. (Helicopter joy rides, long-line fishing or unverified elephant treks won’t make it online!)
  • Certified/licensed operators

*Initially, only Thai experiences will be considered. New countries become available only after we have enough experiences to justify operating there.

How do I get my experiences on the website?

Easy. Anyone with access to the internet can upload experiences. Simply login with Facebook and register as a member. Then, click ‘add experience’ which is found in the ‘login’ dropdown menu (top right-hand corner of website)

Upload as many experiences as you can!

*All experiences are subject to final AdventureHoney and Operator approval.

What content do you need when we set up a new experience on the site?

Instructions are clearly specified in the ‘add new experience’ page. But here are a couple of things that are super important:

  • Experience description: Write it like your telling one of your friends about it! We want fun, casual, authentic descriptions!
  • Photos: Need AWESOME photos of :
    1. A real person! The person or people who take Adventure Hunters on the experience
    2. High quality photos that sell the place/experience.

How do I price my experience?

The price entered must be the regular retail price. For example, if you charge someone off the street $100, then we charge them $100 at AdventureHoney.com.

What happens after adding a new experience?

Once an experience has been added, it must be approved by the AdventureHoney team. Until final approval has been authorised, the experience will appear in your member profile only.

Can I edit an experience after I’ve uploaded it?

You sure can! Simply login and go to your members area to edit the experiences you’ve curated.

How will I know when someone has booked?

When a customer books an experience you will receive a message to your email account and/or an SMS notification to your mobile phone. In this message, will be a unique code. This code is very important. You must redeem the code with AdventureHoney (via SMS or email – instructions are clear in the email) as soon as the customer finalises date and time with you. Once the code has been redeemed it is no longer valid. If you don’t redeem the code, you subject yourself to possible fraud and, we cannot protect/compensate you in the event that the customer cancels within 48 hours of the experience happening.

How do we organise the final booking time?

This is arranged directly between you and the customer. You will have their email and mobile phone details and the customer will have yours. We encourage you to contact them via SMS/email and confirm when they wish to have the experience and answer any other questions.

*Remember, when the customer contacts you to book day/time – you must redeem the unique code (emailed/SMS’d to you when customer paid deposit). Failure to do so exposes you to potential fraud and will limit protection AdventureHoney can provide to you in the event of a dispute.

How and when do I get paid?

You’re paid in cash by the customer on the day of the tour or activity.

What currency am I paid in?

You’re paid in your local currency at the exchange rate specified in the email/SMS that is sent when the customer pays their initial 20% deposit.

What is AdventureHoney’s commission?

AdventureHoney take 20%. 25% of the proceeds from every commission are invested into the Changemaker Program.

How are operators rated?

After a customer has had an adventure with you, they are asked to leave a review and rate their experience. AdventureHoney promotes an open, honest and fair platform and will not influence reviews/ratings unless there is a breach of the Terms.

What if I need to cancel a booking?

If a customer has already contacted you directly and confirmed a booking, you will need to contact them directly to cancel. Please also notify us: info@adventurehoney.com

What if I need to change the time or date of a booking?

If you or a customer needs to change the time or date then you should do so directly with one another by email/SMS.

Benefits for Adventure Hunters?

  • Free!
  • Access adventure! Uncover adventure tours and activities that you will remember a lifetime. All you need is access to the internet. (The internet is way cool!)
  • User reviews. Buy experiences based on what other travellers say – not just the operator, who obviously has a vested interest in winning your business.
  • Positive impact tourism. Just by buying your adventures through AdventureHoney, your wild experiences and adventure travels will ensure a positive impact through the Changemaker Program.
  • Share your passion. Allow other Adventure Hunters to have the amazing experiences you’ve had by uploading them on AdventureHoney.

How do I add an experience I’ve had to the website?

Simply login with Facebook and register as a member. Then, click ‘add experience’ which is found in the ‘login’ dropdown menu (top right-hand corner of website)

Upload as many experiences as you wish to share, the more the better!

*All experiences are subject to final AdventureHoney and Operator approval.

When adding an experience, what’s most important?

  • Experience description: Write it like your telling one of your friends about it! We want fun, casual, authentic descriptions.
  • Photos: Need AWESOME photos of :
    1. If possible, a shot of the guide or people who took you on the adventure.
    2. High quality photos that show the best qualities of the place/experience.

How do I find a new adventure experience on the site?

Via map or search box on homepage
Pay 20% deposit (25% of deposit proceeds invested into Changemaker Program)
Confirm time and redeem unique code with supplier
Pay balance outstanding in person on the day and...have a blast!

For a detailed description, click here: How it Works

How will I know when I’ve paid my deposit?

Upon paying the deposit/s for experience/s you will receive a message to your email account and/or an SMS notification to your mobile phone. In this message, will be a unique code. This code is very important and must be treated like cash.

When you contact the Adventure Operator to confirm time/day, you must quote the unique code.

How do we organise the final booking time?

This is arranged directly between you and the Adventure Operator. You will have their email and mobile phone details and the operator will have yours. We encourage you to contact them via phone/SMS/email to confirm a time/day and ask any other important questions you might have.

What happens if I change my mind?

AdventureHoney is here for the independent, adventure travellers of the word. We understand that sometimes plans change! Therefore, if for any reason you decide after paying the deposit that you no longer wish to have the experience, email us at info@adventurehoney.com for a full refund.

BUT, please remember that you won’t qualify for a full refund if:

  • You have already booked a day/time for the experience direct with the operator and there is less than 48 hours before the experience is due to take place.

Can I contact an Adventure Operator with a question prior to paying deposit?

This feature is not offered prior to paying the deposit. Once you pay the deposit, we will deliver phone and email contact details to you.

AdventureHoney do our best to ensure happy bookings by providing our customer:

  • Highly detailed listings, covering as much information as possible so that you are comfortable paying a refundable deposit.
  • Responsive customer support: info@adventurehoney.com
  • If for any reason you discover after booking that you can’t do the adventure you’ve purchased, you will be entitled to a full refund. (If you cancel after finalising a day/time to do the experience with the Operator, you must cancel within 48 hours of that agreed time).

Why aren’t there any dates for availability of the experiences?

At AdventureHoney, you don’t actually book the time and date for the experience before paying the deposit. You find adventures here in a safe, enjoyable environment, pay a refundable deposit then connect direct with operator to finalise the time/day.

For some listings there will be information regarding availability in the operator details section (eg. Experience only available on weekends) but no actual live calendar with days of availability.

We’d like to offer live day and time availability, but many Adventure Operators don’t have regular internet access and maintaining live availability isn’t practical.

How do I get more information about a tour or experience I am interested in?

At this stage, we don’t have the capability for instant messaging with the operator. As we grow, this is a feature we may add.

For now, once you pay the refundable deposit you will be put in touch with the operator direct. If you then discover that for some reason you can’t do the tour or activity, we will refund your deposit (subject to Terms)

If this is not satisfactory, send us an email: info@adventurehoney.com and we’ll do what we can!

What happens if the minimum number of participants is not reached?

Sometimes, a tour or activity has a minimum number of participants. If for example, your kayaking expedition required 4 people, and only you and your friend have booked, then the operator reserves the right to cancel the booking. In this instance, we will provide a refund of your deposit.

Must I log in with Facebook?

Yes, login with Facebook is the only option. Don’t worry; you have absolute control over what you share on Facebook (we would never post without your permission...that’s just rude!)

By ensuring all users log in with Facebook, we make it easy for you to set up and account and we can enhance your user experience – from sharing content to contacting you with special offers!

You can still search the site without logging in with Facebook, but to add experiences to your Bucket List or to book you will need to log in.

What currency do I pay in and at what exchange rate?

At this stage, you can pay your deposit in US dollars or Australian dollars only.

The exchange rate for the balance owing is fixed as per the rate on the day of paying your deposit. When you pay the deposit, you will be advised of the local currency amount owing. You then pay this agreed amount on the day – irrespective of exchange rate fluctuations.

Why should I book through the AdventureHoney system?

Because we’re the coolest source of adventure on the planet!

Seriously, we spend tonnes of time and money ensuring a safe, enjoyable environment and aim to be the home to the sweetest adventures on earth! We protect both Adventure Hunter and Adventure Operator from fraud and illicit behaviour.

Travel can provide some of your greatest experiences in life – we’re here to do everything possible to ensure they don’t become your worst!

Is there a booking fee?

No! There’s no booking fee, it’s 100% free for you to play with AdventureHoney. We get a wholesale rate from operators for experiences on the site, so that you pay exactly what you would if you were dealing with the operator without AdventureHoney’s involvement.

How is the deposit calculated?

Easy! 20% of the entire tour or activity cost is payable as a deposit.

For example, a $100 scuba dive will require a...you guessed it: $20 deposit. 25% of the proceeds from the deposit are invested into the Changemaker Program.

I’ve paid the deposit, when do I pay the balance?

Unless there is special instruction from the operator, you must pay the balance owing less the deposit on the day you meet the operator – paid in the local currency, unless otherwise stipulated. For example, you buy a $100 scuba dive and pay a $20 deposit with AdventureHoney. 2 weeks later, you rock up for the dive...you pay the operator $80 and it’s a done deal!

What payment methods are accepted?

Credit card only, for now. The AdventureHoney payment gateway is 100% secure with military grade encryption and is PCI DSS compliant.

What if the guide doesn’t show up or cancels on the day?

Fear not, we will provide you a full refund and recommend you review them on the website.

Do I need to confirm my booking with the Adventure Operator?

We don’t require you to do so in our policy. However, a quick email/SMS/phone call might be a good idea to confirm date, time and meeting place and ensure no miscommunications – just like you might with any other appointment. (Of course, this ain’t just any other appointment, this is adventure!)

What email address will AdventureHoney communicate with me on?

The one which you have set up on Facebook is the one on which you will receive communication from AdventureHoney.

I keep getting a credit card error when I try to book, what do I do?

The AdventureHoney payments gateway is 100% secure. If you get consistent error messages, verify your card has not expired and/or contact your card issuing financial institution to confirm all is ok. If all else fails, contact AdventureHoney.

Adventure Honey Pty Ltd
Email: info@adventurehoney.com
Phone: 02 8096 8130
Level 2, 50 York Street
Sydney, NSW 2000