About AdventureHoney

What is it?

AdventureHoney was created to help people find kick-arse adventures provided by awesome operators. But, it was inspired with a deeper purpose: to help travelers help end extreme poverty. Here's how...

Whether you want to kayak a remote jungle, replant mangroves in a river outside of Bangkok, trek to the top of a mountain or jump off one...Adventure Honey connects you directly to tour & activity operators who can make your wildest dreams for adventure a reality! More Info: How It Works

Every time you buy with Adventure Honey, 25% of proceeds from each deposit are invested into our Changemaker Program. A program designed in conjunction with our partners at Spark* that ensures that every time you play with us, we use your travel dollars to empower local changemakers to deliver local solutions for local problems.

Wild experiences, positive impact.

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The story

The inspiration for Adventure Honey came during a wild 24 hours in the Middle East. Having witnessed the extreme poverty amongst tens of thousands of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and Jordan, Adventure Honey founder Chris Ball set off on a mission to kayak the length of the Dead Sea – south to north.

After a long day paddling hyper-saline water in 50+ degree heat, Chris hit the northern tip of the Dead Sea in darkness. As he pulled the kayak out of the water, night suddenly turned to day as a flare lit the night sky. Ahead were 20 M-16s aggressively pointed at Chris’ head. Behind these lethal weapons were 20 angry Israeli commandos ready to take out a suspected terrorist threat!

In 24 hours, there’d been two sparks of inspiration:

  • Help people in extreme poverty.
  • Help people discover wild adventures (legally!)

Mission: For every person that answers the call to go outside their comfort zone and realise where awesome happens, we hear you. For every person who wants to be a part of the solution to the problems of the world, we hear you.


Chris Ball – Chief Experience Officer
Chris Ball CEO

Throughout his twenties, Chris lived, travelled and evaded death in 50 countries across six continents. He lives and breathes adventure travel.

When he wasn't adventure hunting, Chris was hunting deals in the equally treacherous world of commercial real estate.

Having being active on the start-up scene for the last few years, Chris is now all in on AdventureHoney.

Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin - technical co-founder
Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin - technical co-founder

Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin is the technical co-founder of Adventure Honey through the awesome incubator BlueChilli. BlueChilli provides all the software and marketing support to Adventure Honey and has some of the best gurus in the industry powering the business.

Sebastien combines all this with his love for adventure. If he's not stuck in front of a computer, he's out on a kite surfing or hitting the trails mountain biking looking for the next awesome beach or wicked mountain to climb.

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